MultiGuard is an IoT network based remote monitoring of buildings.

The device improves living comfort and helps preserve the property’s value. The device is capable of constant measuring and detecting data changes of the property with several sensors. These are air quality of the apartment as well as sound and movement. The device improves living comfort and helps preserve the property’s value.

Wherever you are you can see real-time data and adjust settings using the mobile interface .

The Main-IoT environment monitor is practically maintenance-free and its battery life is up to 10 years. It can be installed in properties of all ages.

Main-IoT MultiGuard has long life cycle and eco friendly materials.

Environmentality is something that we take seriously and it shows in our products. We use cellulose fibre composite instead of plastic. This makes the device recyclable. Our devices has long life cycle and they are maintenance-free. The battery life is up to ten years in normal use. You can also use USB connector as a power source.

MultiGuard is designed and manufactured in Finland.

Xortec is manufacturing electronics and designing electronics sowtware and mechanics for thirty years. We are a pioneer in IoT technology since 2009. What is most important thing is that we can modify, customize and desing new products and take care of manufactruring prosess from the beginnin to full scale. We like to keep things simple and comfortable for the user. Our focus is reliability, ecology and smart solutions.


In the everyday life of schools, real-time information about vacant spaces, for example, is necessary. For teachers, students and other users of the school property, a quick way to find free space and other information about, for example, the air quality of the space is important. In the future, we should invest in school buildings being even better and smarter, so that they meet the needs of the users.

Anna Rantapero-Laine
Project manager,
Älykkäät oppimisympäristöt -project

We were interested in the device because the Main-IoT Leakguard turned out to be a consumer-friendly. The target group of the KotiApp application is consumers, whose needs must be taken into account in a different way than companies. The devices sold to consumers must be simple to use and the prices at a reasonable level.

Mika Pyrhönen
CIO, Raksystems