Mai-IoT Multiguard is a solution for the well-being of properties and residents.

Get a comprehensive picture of the conditions of your property; you can anticipate maintenance needs and react to factors affecting housing quality and health.

The environmental monitor works independently in all conditions – even when power is off.

Vakuutusyhtiöt voivat turvata vakuutetut kohteet Main-Iot-vuotovahdin avulla suurten vesivahinkojen ja korvausten ehkäisemiseksi


-We do a background survey
-We define the equipment need
-We make an implementation proposal for the whole

Equipment comissioning

-We deliver the equipment
-We will do the installation if necessary
-We define the equipment and the use of the whole



-Commissioning guidance
-We help in finding the right alarm limits
-We offer user support
-We maintain and actively develop our software