IoT solutions for property management

Real-time environmental monitoring

Main-IoT MultiGuard provides a comprehensive and real-time overview of the state and conditions of your property or properties. Our environmental monitoring service is based on a wireless sensor network, which consists of multifunctional and remotely operated sensors. The sensor network works independently.

Data-based decision making

With the right data, you improve the environmental factors and competitiveness. The sensor data available from the property helps predict maintenance needs and gives a good overall picture for property management. By anticipating potential problems, you save time and money.

Main-IoT MultiGuard

Monitors environmental conditions using several different sensors.

Remote monitoring devices

If any deviations are detected in the environment, the devices automatically alert the mobile phone.


Environmental monitoring and managing with a mobile user interface.

Design, implementation, maintenance

Indoor air quality monitoring

For home and offices

To classrooms and offices

Leakguard, Multiguard, Levelguard


Indoor air quality monitoring

Toimistoihin ja luokkatiloihin joustavuutta

Löydä vapaat tilat ja seuraa käyttöastetta


In the everyday life of schools, real-time information about vacant spaces, for example, is necessary. For teachers, students and other users of the school property, a quick way to find free space and other information about, for example, the air quality of the space is important. In the future, we should invest in school buildings being even better and smarter, so that they meet the needs of the users.

Anna Rantapero-Laine
Project manager,
Älykkäät oppimisympäristöt -project

We were interested in the device because the Main-IoT Leakguard turned out to be a consumer-friendly. The target group of the KotiApp application is consumers, whose needs must be taken into account in a different way than companies. The devices sold to consumers must be simple to use and the prices at a reasonable level.

Mika Pyrhönen